Emily Spooner is a Montreal based artist focused primarily on figurative painting, with an interest in portraiture and human interaction. Born in 1996, she graduated from Dawson College’s Visual Arts program in 2016 and is currently studying Painting and Drawing at Concordia University. 


There are vast worlds within an individual that can never be fully understood from an outside perspective. I have always been fascinated by the fundamental solidarity of one’s experience of the world, and frame my work around this concept. Through the use of found photographs as reference material, I create paintings that explore this underlying feeling of isolation in everyday life. I try to depict the subtle complexity of fleeting moments, giving a more profound depth to instances often considered unexceptional or commonplace. My paintings are a means of portraying the underlying emotions of the characters, while simultaneously emphasizing the inherent distance between the subject(s) and viewer. 



2020 Candidate for Bachelor of Fine Arts, Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec

2014 D.E.C. in Visual Arts, honours, Dawson College, Montreal, Quebec

  • Awarded First Year Honourable Mention



2019 NOUS SOMMES, Le Livart, Montreal

2019 Elements in Permutation, VAV Gallery, Montreal

2019 Contre-Sens, Atelier Galerie 2112, Montreal

2018 Knowing Yourself Lets You Understand Others, featured collection, Centerfold, Montreal

2018 Freckle, Blemish, Wrinkle, Scar, featured collection, Centerfold, Montreal

2017 EX·PO·SURE, Espace POP, Montreal

2017 Five Crucial Tips to Outrun Marina Abramovic, Warren G. Flowers Gallery, Art Souterrain Festival, Montreal

2016 Le soi, Glass Door Gallery, Montreal

2016 APIS, Warren G. Flowers Gallery, Montreal

2016 SPACE, Warren G. Flowers Gallery, Montreal

2015 Under The Covers, Glass Door Gallery, Montreal


2019 Portfolio #25, A5 Magazine, April 2019.

2019 Wotisart #25, Wotisart Magazine, April 2019