Emily Spooner is a Montreal based artist focused primarily on figurative painting, with an interest in portraiture and human emotion. Born in 1996, she graduated from Dawson College’s Visual Arts program in 2016 and is now studying Painting and Drawing at Concordia University.

ARtist Statement

I think of my paintings as a means of recognizing the timeless quality of human experience. Often referencing the early 20th century, my work explores the emotions and familial interactions that have always been, and presumably always will be, at the core of humanity. Basic emotions, such as anger and joy, have coloured the lives of generations past and I am fascinated by the bridge that it has created through time. While the world has changed drastically in recent history (socially, technologically, and otherwise), our basic emotional experiences have nevertheless remained the same. 

Through the use of old family photographs as references, my paintings are an attempt to understand the emotion underlying the characters presented. Paying particular attention to body language and facial expression, I try to bring to focus the subtly implied narratives held within these stiffly posed portraits. Children are a common motif in my work, as they are more apt to show their true emotions, even when faced with a serious situation. The relatable nature of human emotion has allowed me to create works that bridge the past and present, with the hope of giving the viewer a better sense of connection with the generations that have come and gone before us.



Bachelor of Fine Arts - Painting and Drawing, Concordia University, Montreal QC, 2016 - Present

D.E.C. - Visual Arts, Dawson College, Montreal QC, 2014 - 2016

  • Awarded First Year Honourable Mention




"Exposure", Espace POP, Montreal, June 2017

"Five Crucial Tips to Outrun Marina Abramovic", Art Souterrain Festival, Warren G. Flowers Gallery, Montreal, February - March 2017

"Le soi", Glass Door Gallery, Montreal, August 2016

"APIS", Warren G. Flowers Gallery, Montreal, May 2016

"SPACE", Warren G. Flowers Gallery, Montreal, 2016

"Under The Covers", Glass Door Gallery, Montreal, December 2015